Cervical Screening

I wrote campaigns for the National Cervical Screening Unit, for radio, television, and print, that were extremely successful in bringing the subject out into the open. The number of women going for their smear tests increased considerably, especially among the target audience of Maori and Pacific Island women.

These campaigns won a 2011 EFFIE award in conjunction with GSL Network. You can read about the awards here.


These are 3 of a series of commercials aimed at making women feel more comfortable about having a smear test. Cervical cancer, unlike breast cancer is something that most women don’t even think about, let alone talk about with each other.


Radio campaigns included "Deal or No Deal" and "Shout".

Deal Or No Deal



This outdoor advertising campaign is aimed at women from diverse cultures featuring well-known personalities from their local community. These are two of the six different Adshels that featured at strategic sites around Auckland.

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Portfolio image

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